Paint and Flow

Rainbow Unicorn

$20 $60

Struggling to get creative and artistic is now a thing of the past with Rainbow Unicorn

This fun and colourful Round Paint By Numbers can help you de-stress and relax from a busy day more effectively than meditation. It is the perfect Do It Yourself project for those who love the majestic unicorn, or anyone who want to create a pretty painting the easy way without the ‘I don’t know how’ stress.

It even comes gesso-primed so you don’t have to prep the canvas, and printed lightly to minimise numbers* and lines showing through. You can Feel Good and Do Good: part of every purchase is donated to ReachOut Australia, helping you be part of a community that supports young Aussies battling mental health issues.

Other Details:

- 6 brushes in a kit

- Safely packaged to protect against adverse weather during transit 

- 30-Day Return Guarantee

- Stretched on wooden bar - no need to buy a frame

- 24 colours in paint set


* Please note that due to the vibrancy of colours, re-coating of some paints is recommended to cover numbers and create the optimum colours on the canvas.

* Difficulty level: easy to medium

Included in the round Paint and Flow kit:

  • Ready to paint, premium quality round canvas that is already framed and ready to hang
  • 1x Acrylic based paint set
  • Paint brush set containing 3 different sizes

Join the Paint and Flow Family 

colourFun Hobby 


Great gift idea 


Get social and reconnect


New Artwork for your home 


Increase creativity and motor skills 


Reduces anxiety and stress, creating a zen state of mind

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