Why You Should Fall In Love With Paint By Numbers for Kids

Kids are often driven and inspired by creative expression, but they don’t always know where to start. Though we often present children with fun little crafts and projects, sometimes they will be frustrated by the end result or require additional guidance to see them through. Paint By Numbers projects can work as a great middle-ground for young ones who are looking to explore a fun creative avenue—and they even offer a few additional perks. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of Paint By Numbers projects for children of all ages.

Calming Effect for Kids

Children are known for being more than a little excitable and sometimes they can be downright goofy. While this kind of playful energy can be fun, sometimes you will find yourself just wishing that they would just calm down a little bit, particularly around bedtime. Paint By Numbers is a great way to help kids settle down and focus on something that is calming and therapeutic. Parents that are seeking out art therapy for kids will find that Paint By Numbers projects can yield some really great results. 

Fun for the kids; Peace and quiet for you

Working with kids around the house isn’t always easy. Let’s face it, kiddos love attention and can be very demanding. Number painting is a fun and engaging exercise that can help your child to have fun focusing on something that takes a lot of commitment but still manages to be fun. It is one of the more simplistic types of kids arts and crafts that will absolutely grab their attention. A project like this is much better than having them spend too much time in front of the tv or on a tablet. In fact, Paint by Numbers can be a great family activity!

Brain and Motor Skills

Like any type of art, numbers painting is inherently stimulating for the mind. As your child begins to explore the patterns and follow the ruleset for each Paint By Numbers project, they will be learning and growing. These projects can help them to problem-solve more effectively and will certainly encourage the more creative parts of their mind. Added to that, your kids will learn to focus on painting within the lines which in turn will help improve their motor skills. 

Sense of Achievement

While some kids are fairly resilient, the fact is that young minds can be sensitive to their successes and failures. Paint By Numbers for kids can help your child to really see what they are capable of. By following simple steps, they can easily make a beautiful work of art that they will be proud of. This teaches the lesson that they are capable of making great things, which can be very fulfilling for a young mind. 


Paint By Numbers is a fun and engaging way to pass the time and it can have some truly wonderful benefits for kids. Whether you want your kiddo to work on their own sense of creativity or simply want to present them with a calming exercise before bed, numbers painting can offer it to them. These creative and compelling projects will help them to learn more about themselves, more about art, and more about what is possible. It helps that it is a lot of fun to do too! 


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