Suffering with Stress & Anxiety? 5 Ways that Painting by Numbers Can Help!

If you’re currently battling to keep stress and anxiety at bay, then you are certainly not alone. It may feel as if you are the only one feeling this way when you are overwhelmed. However, there are many people just like you who are struggling to cope with a variety mental health concerns for a wide variety of reasons. Inspiringly, the fact you’re reading this article already highlights your willingness to overcome what you’re going through.

Paint by Numbers can help with stress and anxiety.

In recent years, we have been faced with more social isolation, professional expectation and financial pressure than ever. On top of all these stress-inducing factors, the crippling comparison culture that has emerged from the expansion of the online world has implicated a sizeable impact on our collective self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. Without the right support in place, life can become difficult to navigate.

Thankfully, there are a number of empowering ways that we can improve our mental health and reduce our stress levels. Therapeutic activities such as painting by numbers can incredibly effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Within the reassuring framework of pre-set painting design, you can allow your mind to relax as you enjoy a highly creative opportunity.


 Here are 5 empowering ways that painting by numbers can help improve your mental wellbeing:

  1. Cost-free creativity. Once you have a basic and affordable set-up in place, you can then enjoy painting by numbers without any further cost financially. In contrast to many artistic hobbies, painting by numbers provides a wonderful opportunity to explore your artistry without stressful worries regarding weekly fees or expensive memberships. Take up your canvas or paper whenever you feel you would like to. You don’t need the permission of anyone else in your life to enjoy this activity—paint when it works for you!
  1. Time to switch off. Paint by numbers for adults creates room for quality time with yourself that you might otherwise miss out on. This time to unwind and reflect is vital. When life becomes chaotic it can be all too easy to allow self-care to fall to the bottom of our daily priority list. Painting by numbers provides a positive activity that comes with no pressure or expectation. Enjoy it for a few minutes or a few hours at a time, entirely depending on what your intuition tells you.
  1. Screen-free relaxation. In an increasingly digitalised world, it can become overwhelming to realise how much time we spend in front of one type of screen or another. Remote working, television streaming, social media and smartphone usage all draw a huge amount of our time and focus. Painting by numbers is a tactile option that will allow your eyes and your brain to enjoy valuable respite from the glare of a screen. Enjoy improved sleep as a result of your time away from the blue lights of digital media, helping to reduce your levels of stress even further.
  1. Personal empowerment. Knowing that you personally hold the ability to reduce your stress in a conscious and highly impactful way is extremely empowering. Stress and anxiety can make us feel cornered without feeling we have an option of release. Painting by numbers is a highly achievable creative activity that does not rely on any kind of pass or fail. Anyone can take it up which makes it comfortingly inclusive. Feel your shoulders drop down and your jaw naturally unclench as the colours begin to fill the space in front of you.
  1. Freedom from stress. Mental wellbeing is essential to our overall health and wellness. Stress and anxiety deplete our energy levels along with damaging our gut health and immune systems over time. To free yourself from suffering, enjoy some time alone with just your paints and a soothingly blank space to paint on to. Let go of the worries and concerns of your day as you channel your energies into this restorative and rejuvenating activity. You might be surprised at how much calmer you begin to feel within a relatively short period of time.

Painting by numbers is a naturally meditative task. The action of painting itself focuses your mind on a soothingly repetitive movement activity. This allows your stress and anxiety to reduce as your worries are gently set aside. Allow the numbers to guide you as you consciously fill the empty space in front of you with colours, shapes and textures. Take a deep breath and take a seat. This is time is for you, and no-one else.

You deserve to enjoy balanced mental health and a calm sense of wellbeing. We cannot prevent stress and anxiety from occurring in life. Maintaining mental health is a constant journey of adjustment and consistent effort. But we do have the power to change our responses for the better by putting into place some healthy, positive activities—including painting by numbers!


Whether you are new to the arts or an established creative, we can all benefit from some relaxing time spent painting. Learn to powerfully self-support on your healing and personal development journey as you begin to overcome daily stress and anxiety. You don’t need an appointment or any form of external validation to grab some paints and get started painting. From here, who knows what you might create?

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