Perfectionism Has No Place In Paint By Numbers

For a lot of us, the end goal is a major focus of any endeavor. Too often, we find ourselves desperately seeking out perfection—and sometimes this can be a good thing. However, with Paint By Numbers, there is simply no place for it. Throw out that pesky voice that keeps telling you to make your projects better. That voice doesn’t understand the beauty and heart of these projects, which is why we are here to tell you why there is no place for it in the studio. In this post, we’re going to throw aside your notion of artistic perfection and remind you why numbers painting while carefree is so great!

Art Is Supposed To Be Fun 

The first and most obvious reason to silence that problematic little voice is the fact that Paint By Numbers is meant to be fun. At the end of the day, it isn’t about being the best artist in the world. It isn’t about making an awe-inspiring work of art that will inspire poetry with its beauty. It is simply a fun way to pass time, so have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously.  

Perfectionism Is Bad For Your Mental Health 

Numbers painting is a great form of art therapy that can have significant mental health benefits. It has the ability to reduce anxiety and can leave you feeling much calmer than you were at the start of the painting session. These are really great things, so don’t let perfectionism ruin them. While there is a time and a place to push yourself harder and chase your own greatness, this really isn’t it. Perfectionism has no place in mental health practices, so shove that pesky perfectionist voice aside and focus on enjoying yourself so you can benefit from the calming effects that numbers painting can offer. 


Perfectionism Will Tell You To Quit 

With perfectionist practices, you will constantly find yourself tweaking and making alterations as you paint, likely to match what you think it should look like after seeing someone else’s end result. Perfectionism can be discouraging. It will tell you to quit when your painting doesn’t look perfect, but if you push through, you will finish a project—and that is only the start. Remember, you can always improve your painting after the fact with blending or color alterations, but that won’t be the case if you let perfectionism convince you to quit. Your painting deserves to be born, so see it through!  



Paint By Numbers for adults does not mean that you need to bring your adult mentality into it. With this form of art therapy, you have a complete pass for your individuality to shine through. Instead of carefully filling in every single section, let your painting take on a more natural look by allowing it to come together with a little inconsistency. You might just find that you love the results by the end, imperfections and all. There is no right or wrong way to paint, so let your brush do the talking and see what you come up with! 

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