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Paint By Numbers must-haves and where to buy

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Which art supplies are included in your Paint By Numbers

The good news is, when you’re starting a Paint By Numbers (PBN) project, it should come with almost all the supplies you need. This includes the acrylic paints, paintbrushes and of course the design printed canvas itself (either hard mounted on a board or softer canvas fabric). The paint will already be separated by number and colour making the process pretty straightforward and easy!

Additional supplies to make painting a breeze

To paint comfortably and possibly with greater success, you may find you need a few extra things to set yourself up.


Mounting backboard


pbn blog 4 canvaspbn blog 4 canvas 2




This is pretty much a must have if you’re using the more common soft canvas to add more stability whilst painting. You can opt for a foam board or hard canvas backboard. Or, for a DIY solution, cut some rigid cardboard to size and use bulldog clips to secure your canvas whilst you are painting. This gives you the flexibility to mount or frame your painting by number project however you wish once completed.



pbn blog 4 easel

The second most common addition is generally an easel. They are mostly usually wood or sometimes metal and available at various points for the beginner all the way through to a paint by number regular seeking a more professional set up. You can purchase extendable easels where you have the option to stand or sit to paint, travel easels if you want to paint outdoors or in the field and also mini easels to sit on a table top.



pbn blog 4 brush

Although each Paint by Number Kit comes with a selection of brushes, you may want to invest in a few extra brushes. There are so many different types of brushes and sizes which you may want to experiment with, as some assist better in painting tiny cells or help with blending and other painting techniques. Additionally, additional brushes mean that you would not have to clean and change brushes as often between paint colour switches and then having to wait for them to dry fully (which gives the best result).


Bling it up

pbn blog 4 blink

If you want to add a little something extra for a really unique, special finish, you may want to hit the craft supplies in search of some bling - crystals, iridescent glitter or glitter paint or even some dried flowers. Once you have fully completed your project and it has dried you can use a glue gun to attach embellishments or add a very light layer of iridescent glitter paint to small areas to provide a more shimmering, sparkly finish when the light catches your artwork. The sky is the limit with your with your paint by numbers art!


Where to buy additional paint and art supplies

The above are all available at art supply stores throughout Australia, such as Riot, Art Shed and Eckersley. If you want a one stop shop, try Officeworks, who have a wide selection available for purchase both online and in-store. Kmart and other popular retailers often have a range of paint supplies at great price points, but be warned, these often sell out quickly.

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